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Do you have an apartment or house to LET-OUT in Chennai or Rest of Tamilnadu?

You have been going through hassle of advertising, talking to Brokers, showing the property to potential tenants, negotiating a contract and helping your tenants move in.

After finding out tenant and placing them, you job never ends,  you now have to start worrying about how well the tenants are maintaining your property, ensuring that they’re paying you rent on time and be available to address the concerns of your tenant from leaking taps, electricity bills.

Inspite of all the said above,  you don’t live in  Chennai or Rest of Tamilnadu, but own a property that you need help managing and maintaining? 

Here comes our predominant role to play. We as a professional and full time involved in the same line of business and also going to manage your property along with other properties. Your Property will be managed by property managers,

We handle your property management worries

You – “The Owner” stay away from Tamilnadu and owning a house/flat, we are the right solution for you

About Us

Rent Manage” is an end to end property management company providing comprehensive for services non-residents Indians in Tamilnadu and property owner who live away from the properties in Tamilnadu.

We have more than 2 decades of Business experience in Construction, Realestate, Finance, Service Apartment and Property Management. 

As a stepping stone for “Rent Manage” a property management company, we have been managing our clients, friends and relative properties more than a decade. And this experience has become sparking for beginning property management company.